The Big Quit

1st October 2023

This October we’re asking you to join The Big Quit and ask friends, family and neighbours to sponsor you to give up something you enjoy, just for a month.

Now’s time to pledge your support and decide what you’re going to do without. 

Why The Big Quit? 

Over 60% of people experiencing homelessness struggle with addiction. More than half have poor mental health too.

We know giving up chocolate, Instagram or the Xbox is worlds apart from the struggles faced by people we support at Happy Days but it’s a symbolic act of togetherness and a great way to fundraise for our charity.

How it helps

All money raised will support our work providing safe accommodation, routine, healthy food, health clinics, advice and support to help people who are homeless or in crisis to live independent and purposeful lives.

Get involved

  • Decide what you’re going to give up for the month of October and start asking people to sponsor you.
  • Fill in the form below to register for The Big Quit.
  • You can raise sponsor money by going to JustGiving and setting up a page, then sharing the link with your friends. We can also send out to a sponsor form and fundraising pack, just get in touch!
  • If you want to help us spread the word, why not share what you’re giving up on social media using the hashtag #TheBigQuit 

Get Signed Up

    Date and Time: 1st October 2023


    31st October 2023