Spotlight on new Foundation Club member: Calderdale Chiropractic

We are delighted to welcome Calderdale Chiropractic to the Happy Days Foundation Club for businesses. Calderdale Chiropractic is an established business in Sowerby Bridge founded by doctor of chiropractic Simon Gough. Simon has an interest in rehabilitation and challenging people’s ideas of how healthy you should expect to be at certain ages. Before starting his business, he taught English and Maths to the unemployed, worked as a pharmaceutical rep, project manager and a missionary for his church in Paris. We caught up with Simon to find out why he chose to support Happy Days.

What made you decide to become a Foundation Club member? 

I felt compassion for the many suffering in the area and realised we could spare the money each month.

How are you hoping to be involved as a member? 

I recently completed a sponsored bike ride for Happy Days (read more) covering 400 miles to Zurich. I am also planning to help by volunteering at Happy Days.

Why do you think it’s important for businesses to support local charities

Families and individuals are in crisis. For those of us that are not in extreme problems we should share what we can spare. One day it may be us.

What would you say to other businesses that might be interested in joining the Foundation Club?

This is a good investment. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. If you are anything like me, when you look at your years in business,  you will realise there have been many people who have helped with advice, encouragement or money. The world is a better place if we look out for those around us.

If you would like to join the Foundation Club for businesses you can sign up online.


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