Drop In

The people who turn to us have often burnt bridges with family, friends and services. Their mental and physical health can be poor and being signposted to services is simply not enough. We connect people with the specialist help they need and commit to not letting go until we are confident they are fully supported and engaged. We act as advocates to make sure their voice is heard and we create an environment where everyone feels they belong.

As well as offering walk-in support for anyone who needs help with accommodation and benefits or mental health and addiction support, we operate regular healthcare drop-in clinics at The Gathering Place. These include a twice-weekly wound clinic, weekly sexual health clinic and regular Hepatitis C clinic.

After I left The Night Shelter, my addictions and mental health hit me again, I felt lonely and lost. So, I started to come to drop in at The Gathering Place.  I felt safe and looked after.  I knew the staff there accepted me for who I was and didn’t judge me at all. This is my community, its where I feel safe, welcomed and I feel like I can open-up and talk.  It’s a family.