Community Supermarket

Our Community Supermarket is a membership based service. It was brought in to replace our Food Bank and to give people greater choice and control.

Paying for items in the supermarket

You can visit the supermarket once a week. There is a small charge of £6 each time you shop and you can choose up to 15 items (no more than 1 of each item).

Toiletries will be available once a month. These cost £2 for up to 4 items.

All members will be able to open a Credit Union account which will be credited with £1 every time you shop.

How to Access Community Supermarket Support

Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 3pm (Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday).

You will have to become a member to use the Community Supermarket. Membership is free but you will need to be referred by one of our support workers. We can put you in touch with them. They will let you know what ID you need to bring, and they’ll help you with your membership application.