Meet Gareth

Gareth grew up in Coventry in foster care and then when he was 19 he moved up to Huddersfield, he had a couple of jobs but was made redundant and then moved to Halifax in 2007 to live with his girlfriend.

He was did not suffer from mental health or addiction but found himself street homeless

“It was really cold and Christmas time, I lived in an old disused boiler room.”

Gareth was homeless for 3 months during the Winter months.

Joe a former Happydays resident met Gareth who was sat outside Wilkinsons in Halifax town centre and he gave him food.

A few days later Gareth moved into one of our properties, to re-build his life. Whilst with us, we helped Gareth land a full time job in Engineering.

He now has his own home and got married to Angela six years ago.

He has become good friends with his father and brothers again and regularly attends  Huddersfield Town FC with his dad.

In the future Gareth hopes to create a family and is very happily married…

“Thankyou to Happydays for offering me support at a really difficult time”