Hypothermia blankets donated by Interweave


We’re incredibly grateful to Happy Days Foundation Club member Interweave for donating some of their THERMARMOUR patient warming blankets to us for our team to use when they are supporting people sleeping outdoors.

For people who are experiencing homelessness and crisis this winter, a lack of warm clothing and shelter means they are at heightened risk of hypothermia. The combination of cold air, wind and rain, and extended periods of time spent outdoors makes it extremely difficult to maintain a safe core temperature.

Once someone is hypothermic, it is much harder to treat than prevent. It can also lead to further health complications. The hypothermia blankets are simple and fast way to combat the risk of developing hypothermia.

Hypothermia prevention blankets are made from a multi-layer bonded fabric, designed around the principle of producing both reflective and convection heat. The blanket captures body heat from the person, and re-circulates it. The simplicity and convenience of the blanket makes it ideal for emergency situations.

Getting to shelter and out of wet clothes is a priority, but when an individual is homeless, this is much more difficult. Fortunately, THERMARMOUR blankets can be effective even when the individual is wet.

A huge thank you to Interweave for this donation and for your continued support through the Foundation Club.