Meet Terry, Happydays resident

“My name is Terry, I’m an addict and ive been an addict for 30 years. 

Ive been in and out of the prison system for 20 years.  I got to a point where I could do it anymore, I just needed a way out.  The only way out I knew was either death or jail and either of those options was a good option, I wasn’t bothered.  Ive been in jail most of my life, it’s a home from home and it didn’t phase me at all. 

The one thing that phased me was walking up the steps to the Rehab but unbeknown to me it was for a new way of life.  I thought everything happening to me was normal but now i’ve learnt that’s the insanity of addiction, things that you think are normal are far from normal. 

I accepted that I was going to die in addiction and now im sat in a room watching a bloke that has been 20 years in addiction that is 12 years clean and is now a psychotherapist helping others.  I looked around the room and I thought, something works here! 

After X months in Reflections House working a 12-step programme, I was given the opportunity to come to Happydays. Happydays has changed my life, they have never judged me.  They trust me, nobody has ever trusted me.  They ask my opinion and give me things to do to help me back into society. 

I didn’t think somebody with my history could get offered things like this.  Happydays asked me to run peer to peer groups to share my experience and to spread hope.  They have given me the opportunity to be part of the social enterprise and learn new skills. 

I am lucky to be here and I’m lucky to be alive.  I’m a grateful recovering addict”

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