Supporter Spotlight: Heath United Reformed Church

Our congregation at Heath is relatively small, perhaps averaging 25 people who are not so young.  Nevertheless, we endeavour to be a missional church serving God and our neighbours. We think what Churches Together in Calderdale have done to open and then build on the food bank is fantastic, especially as it offers people care that goes beyond food. For some years, many of our congregation have supported the foodbank through donating items of food and/or through regular financial giving, according to their own means. There are a lot of people who use our building for other activities during the week, so we have a collection box in a convenient place for them too. One of your official collection boxes might help here!

This year’s harvest service was special. It was the first parade service since lockdown, we celebrated achieving our Silver Eco Church Award (Eco Church being another aspect of our mission) and the 50th birthday of the United Reformed Church. The young people were generous in their donations of tins and packets, whilst adults were encouraged to make financial donations. We saw the opportunity for money pledged to the night shelter to be doubled and through donations and pledges from our congregation we were able to pledge the maximum possible with a bit left over for the next such opportunity. We hold in our prayers the beneficiaries of the food bank and night shelter, and all those of you who work so hard at both.